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Education And Study At Universities - 1414 Words

There are many reasons why people decide to continue their education and study at Universities. It may be for enjoyment, for learning a new skill, for networking, or for career advancement, etc. However, for most people, education is an investment for the future, and is considered as a gateway to obtaining higher earnings in the future either via the job market or self-employment. It’s commonly believed that the higher the qualification you get, the higher the chance you would get a well-paid job. However, what about for entrepreneurs? People who don’t want to work in a steady paid job, but who wants to be their own boss. Do entrepreneurs need to study for a University degree? Would, in the course of studying a degree, increase the chance of becoming a successful entrepreneur? Does higher education teach the necessary skills to help people be successful in running a business? Thus, lead to my research topic. I would like to investigate whether successful entre preneurs obtained their necessary skills whilst studying at University. To begin with, how do we define â€Å"a successful entrepreneur†? The Cambridge Dictionary defines successful as â€Å"achieving the results wanted or hope for/ having achieved a lot, become popular, and/ or made a lot of money† [Cambridge Dictionaries Online, 2014], and the definition of an entrepreneur is â€Å"someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves seeing a new opportunity† [Cambridge Dictionaries Online, 2014].Show MoreRelatedHigher Education Case Study: Weston University1497 Words   |  6 PagesWeston University Case Summary The new president of Weston University, Dr. Diana Ball, took over in late 1995, succeeding Dr. Harold Powers. Dr. Powers led the prestigious private university for fifteen years from a human resource frame to tailor the organization to individuals (Bolman Deal, 2013, p. 16). Moreover, during Dr. Powers tenure, the reputation of once-leading private university in the Midwest diminished. Dr. Powers reputation as a scholar gained him the presidency; however, hisRead MoreA Research Study On Designing A Holistic Education Program At The University Of Washington1121 Words   |  5 Pages firmly rooted by HCI principles, who is able to act as a bridge between the technologists building a product and the people using this technology. I am positive that the MHCI+D program at the University of Washington will guide me towards the next level and help me reach my goal. My undergraduate studies at the Birla Institute of Technology Science (BITS) – Pilani, India, has prepared me phenomenally well for the MHCI program. Aside from graduating with first division from the most sought-afterRead Moreâ€Å"the Effect of Study Habits on the Academic Performance of Freshmen Education Students in Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City, School Year 2008-2009† Bilang Pagtupad Sa Isa Sa Mga Pangangailangan Ng Asignaturang1792 Words   |  8 PagesBilang pagtupad sa isa sa mga pangangailangan ng asignaturang Filipino 2, Pagbasa at Pagsulat tungo sa Pananaliksik, ang panahong – papel na ito na pinamagatang Mga Kadahilanan na Nakakaapekto sa Pag-aaral ng Estudyante sa Ikatlo at Ika-apat na Taon sa Unibersidad ng Perpetual Help System - Laguna ng Kolehiyo ng Occupational Therapy sa Ikalawang Semestre ng Taong - Akademiko 2010-2011 ay inihanda at iniharap ng mga mananaliksik mula sa kolehiyo ng Occupational Therapy na sina: Caabay, Ermar A. NaboRead MoreHealth Education Systems in Finland, Norway, and Ethiopia1511 Words   |  7 PagesHealth education is any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health, by increasing their knowledge or influencing their attitudes (WHO 2013). According to WHO it is important to have skilled health workers which have technical competencies so that they can available to different kind of people. (WHO 2013.) The study of nursing is an education in a profession of health care. Nurses are responsible for giving quality health care for everyoneRead MoreEducation And Its Influence On American Education1254 Words   |  6 PagesGraduate Education today shows traces of its European ancestors. The influences range from Greece, Egypt, Italy, Spain, and many others. American education has evolved and manifested throughout the thousands of years of its existence. We can directly trace the roots back to our European ancestors, with the educati on that exists today in America. Higher education’s journey began in Greece in 387 BC by Plato. The only thing offered at this first educational establishment was an advanced study in philosophyRead MoreChina s Higher Education System1712 Words   |  7 PagesResearch Methodology The study takes a comparative study approach. This approach is defined as putting two or more education systems side by side in order to determine their socio-economic, cultural, political, ideology in a context (Brickman and Fraser, 1968). This paper takes a view of China’s higher education systems in order to find out the strengths higher education for policy formation in South Sudan because currently there is no evidence of one. The emphasis here is that in examining the policyRead MoreHigher Education Within The Uk1054 Words   |  5 PagesHigher education within the UK has an ongoing predicament of class related inequalities with teenager’s expectations of going university. In the 20th Century there has been a drastic transformation within the UK with regards to higher education. Yet Ball et al (2002), suggests that â€Å"expectations of attending higher education is still determined by social class†. This study researches how young people’s class an d family’s educational background impacts their opportunity of further education. TeenagersRead MoreThe Education System in Saudi Arabi1093 Words   |  5 PagesThe education system in Saudi Arabia Education in Saudi Arabia is segregated by sex and divided into three separately administered systems: general education for boys, education for girls and traditional Islamic education (for boys). The Ministry of Education, established in 1952, presides over general education for boys, and education for girls comes under the jurisdiction of the General Presidency for Girls Education. Both sexes follow the same curriculum and take the same annual examinationsRead MoreWhat Are the Main Factors to Influence Overseas Students to Choose Higher Education in the Uk?1206 Words   |  5 PagesWhat are the main factors to influence overseas students to choose higher education in the UK? Significance of the study As the number of overseas student in the UK’s higher education sector has expended substantially during the last 15 years. The research intends to investigate factors determining overseas student’s decision to apply for a UK university. Understanding these demands and determinants will enable both university policymakers and government to evaluate the potential for expansion overseasRead MoreThe Career Future Of The Hong Kong1495 Words   |  6 PagesMainland Talents in Hong Kong Introduction After 1997, the relationship of Hong Kong and Mainland China is closer than before. Education freedom make Hong Kong be one of the links, which let the Mainland China communicate with the world (Tong, 2014). From 1998 to 2013, the number of mainland students who study in Hong Kong increases of ten times (Hong Kong Chinese University, 2014). After graduated, some mainland students want to find a good job in Hong Kong. However, they face the rat race with job

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