Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark - 1798 Words

Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark is by far one of the best known of William Shakespeare’s works and, may well be the most famous English-language play ever written. Categorized as one of Shakespeare’s â€Å"later tragedies,† it has developed a reputation as a difficult work to analyze. The Character of Hamlet is, perhaps, one of the most compelling characters to ever rise from the pages of English literature. He has been subjected to numerous interpretations and studies over the centuries, his actions thoughts analyzed and analyzed again. And this, probably more than anything else, is the reason for Hamlet’s enduring appeal. One of the biggest arguments in Hamlet’s character is his madness; whether he is pretending or if he really goes insane.†¦show more content†¦Somehow, even in the short amount of time the people have had to morn the King’s death, Claudius convinces everyone that it is time to move on and put the past behind. Gertrude is the mother of prince Hamlet and the new wife of his uncle. Her marriage to Claudius largely accounts for the melancholy and cynicism of her son, who violently attacks her for her lust. She appears with her new husband, the King, and he justifies their marriage to the court. Later she tries to talk Hamlet out of dwelling on his father, and into seeing the new king as a father. The Ghost of Hamlet’s father is probably the most mysterious character of them all. It is fully covered in armor and takes the form of the ex-King on Denmark. This spirit has twice appeared to Marcellus and Bernardo (both castle guards) before they see it a third time in the presence of the skeptical Horatio. It appears again to Hamlet, Horatio, and Marcellus. Hamlet follows, and it tells him how he was poisoned by Claudius, who had already seduced Hamlet’s mother. The spirit then enjoins Hamlet to revenge his murder, but leave his mother to the punishment of heaven. The ghost appears again in act III, scene iv when Hamlet, having made no attempt to kill Claudius, seems to be on the point of killing his mother. It is said by Rowe Flatter in his book â€Å"Hamlet’s Father,† that Shakespeare himself acted the part of the Ghost of King Hamlet. Polonius is the chief advisor to King

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